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The next regular meeting of the Presbytery will be held on Tuesday, January 13th., 2015, at 7:00 pm.

New Youth Program at New Westminster Presbyterian Church
New Westminster Church, 1025 King St. E., Hamilton, is launching a new weekly youth program called Fellow Youth United. The group, for youth aged 11 to 17, will meet on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm. The program will feature stage drama, music programs, character building and good clean fun. For additional information e-mail: or view the Fellow Youth United Poster. Events being organized by this new program will be listed on the PresbyKirk Events Page.

An Angelic Visitation?

No, not exactly! This intriguing photograph was recently taken in the sanctuary of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Hagersville by Paula Dumas. The alignment of the lighting fixtures creates the impression that a shining angel is hovering over the sanctuary. This unusual picture was featured in the Haldimand Press weekly newspaper and is displayed with permission here on PresbyKirk.

Test of Faith: On October 11, 2014, the Hamilton Spectator published a front page story called Test of Faith that explores the threatened future for traditional Protestant Christian congregations. Though this is not exactly fresh news it is a reality that remains to be recognized and appreciated by the wider church community.

News from Heritage Green

In June 2014 the Presbytery of Hamilton installed the Rev. David Moody, Lead Family Pastor, and the Rev. Alex Douglas, Children and Family Pastor, as the new ministry team for Heritage Green Presbyterian Church. PresbyKirk joins them in their excitement and enthusiasm for this new venture.
     For additional information about the plans for Heritage Green visit our Heritage Green Page and also

An Example of Hope in a Troubled World

Take a couple of minutes to view a refreshing and inspiring video.
Click on Landfill Music

Do Computers ever Frustrate you?
Help may be on the horizon.

Do you ever have trouble finding information that you know you have stored on your computer? Do you find yourself at a meeting wishing you could access information from your office computer on your tablet or laptop? Is managing information on your computer(s) a constant source of frustration? If any of these are issues in your world you need to know about Evernote.

The Almanarah Ministry

Almanarah is an Arabic language congregation in Hamilton. Click on Almanarah for an introduction.

News from the Churches
As it becomes available to us we try to include some local news on PresbyKirk. Such items may be displayed briefly on our homepage to give them some prominence and then continued for a time on our Church News page so that they remain available for people to view.

Hamilton Presbyterian Search Engine

Are you looking on the Internet for information about Presbyterians in the Hamilton area? We have created a customized search engine that scans 30+ Presbyterian websites from around the area. It also includes things that are on the national website of the PCC.
Enter your search enquiries just as you would on any other search engine. We think that you will be impressed with the results.

To facilitate access to this resource a new "Presbyterian Search Engine" tab has been added near the top of the navigation list in the left hand column of many of our pages. Click on the tab and you will be taken to this new resource. Or, you can try it out right here by clicking on Presbyterian Search Engine.

Looking for a Local Mission Project?

Logo of Habitat for Humanity. Congregations looking for a one time local mission project may want to check out a new initiative of Habitat for Humanity to learn more about this organization and discover how your congregation might participate.

Business Meetings in the Presbytery

The calendar below only includes "official" events within the Presbytery of Hamilton. Due to size constraints the calendar entries are truncated. Click on any entry for additional details. Also, additional information about these events may be available at Presbytery Administration Events page.

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