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Exploring the Presbytery of Hamilton

The Presbytery of Hamilton includes over thirty congregations located near the western end of Lake Ontario as well as a series of congregations located south of the City of Hamilton along Highway #6 to Port Dover on Lake Erie. Through the Google Mapping system we are able to represent all of those congregations on a single map along with contact information for each of them. Thre is also an icon on each congregational tab that will provide driving directions should you be unfamiliar with the congregation's location.

Click on the Presbytery Map graphic and have some fun exploring the Presbytery of Hamilton.

Google Maps for Congregational Promotion and Planning

Not only is Google Maps a great tool for the PresbyKirk web site, it has marvelous potential as a promotional or administrative tool for Christian congregations. Custom maps may either be kept private, shared via e-mail with a few friends, or made open to the public through the Internet (as we have chosen to do with our map of the Presbytery of Hamilton).

To create custom maps like the one presented here does require that you register for a Google account. However, registration is free and includes not just the ability to create maps but access to a whole range of additional programs, services and tools.

If any of this interests you we would be delighted to hear from you. We can at least share with you what we have discovered so far and explain what you would need to do to get started.