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Prayer Requests

We are called to be a people of prayer.
As the Presbyterian Church's contemporary statement of faith expresses it - "Worship draws us into the work of Christ. Even now he intercedes for the world to which he came and for which he died. In union with him, the church prays for the healing and the salvation of the world." (Living Faith, 7.3.3)

We accompany what follows with some cautions.
Since websites are public places and prayer requests often involve private or personal concerns, we are choosing not to identify by name most of the individuals for whom prayer may be requested. We also add the caution that prayer requests are not to be a starting point for either gossip or speculation. Our purpose for listing concerns here is a spiritual one and so we ask you to treat these requests with both compassion and sensitivity.

Pray for Dr. James Aldridge who assumed duties as Moderator at the September 2015 meeting of the Presbytery.

This Presbytery has in the fall of 2015 welcomed a new Clerk, the Rev. G. Walter Read. Please pray for him as he assumes these new and important responsibilities in the Presbytery.

We invite your prayers on behalf of those congregations in our Presbytery that have accepted the challenge to explore fresh ways to approach the challenges of ministry within their community. May they find encouragement in the faithfulness of God's response to the prayers of his people.