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The PresbyKirk Library belongs to the age of instant communications and cyberspace. To some it seemed like the telephone was challenge enough. However, even then everyone maintained his or her own personal book of address and phone numbers in addition to the one issued by the telephone company. Well, modern communications have not entirely solved that one for us. Now we need to remember not only addresses and telephone numbers, but cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses and the URL for our favourite web sites as well. Admittedly, the various technology devices in our world help us to store and retrieve all this information. But if your life is like most other people's you spend a considerable amount of time just hunting for all this various address information.

The PresbyKirk Library proposes to help you with at least some parts of this task. We have gathered together a collection of Internet directories to help you locate telephone numbers, postal address information (including postal codes), and those ever changing e-mail addresses. We even try to indicate the strengths and limitations of the various directories listed. While we cannot guarantee you success in your searches we can at least offer some tools that may help.

Internet Directories
Reverse Phone Directory. Locate a name and address from a telephone number.
Switchboard The Internet Directory.
Canada Post Information about postal codes and current postal rates too.

PresbyKirk's own "Yellow Pages for Christian Organizations"

In addition to the above collection of Internet Directories we have compiled for you our own select list of web site addresses (URLs) for a number of local and national Christian organizations. We call this our "Yellow Pages for Christian Organizations" and although it has never been published anywhere but here we have designed a neat cover for our Directory. We have tried whenever possible to provide the address for the Canadian web site of the organization concerned.

Alpha Canada
Anglican Book Centre (Augsburg Fortress, Canada)
Anglican Journal
APCE Association of Presbyterian Church Educators
Biblica (Formerly: International Bible Society)
The Back to God Ministries International A ministry of the Christian Reformed Church
Camp Kintail Camp operated by the Synod of Southwestern Ontario of the PCC
Canadian Bible Society
Canadian Foodgrains Bank
Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation
Child Evangelism Fellowship of Canada
Chosen People Ministries
City Kidz (Hamilton)
Compassion Society A program in Burlington, Ontario.
Christian Blind Mission International
Christian Children's Fund of Canada
Christian Copyright Licensing International
Christian Labour Association of Canada
Christian Week
Church Growth Resources, Inc. (Ministry Toolbox)
Citizens for Public Justice
Crieff Hills Community (PCC conference facility)
The Elder's Institute A program of St. Andrew's Hall
Evangel Hall
Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Galcom International
The Gideon Society
Habitat For Humanity
Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto
Interserve Canada
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada
Jews for Jesus
Moveable Feast Resources Glen Soderholm's ministry to encourage vibrant worship.
Living Rock Ministries Hamilton, Ontario
McMaster Divinity College
Mennonite Central Committee
Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada
National Presbyterian Museum of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
Navigators of Canada
Ontario Pioneer Camp (IVCF)
Pioneer Clubs of Canada
Presbyterian Church in Canada
Presbyterian College, Montreal
Presbyterian Record
Prison Fellowship Canada
Project Ploughshares
Promise Keepers
Reachout Ministries Dr. Larry Brice
Redeemer University College, Hamilton, Ont.
Regent College, Vancouver.
Renewal Fellowship Within the Presbyterian Church in Canada
St. Andrew's Hall, Vancouver, B.C.
The Scott Mission
Trinity Western University
Tyndale College and Seminary
The United Church Observer
Urbana Student Mission Convention (IVCF)
Vancouver School of Theology
Vision TV
Walk Thru the Bible Canada
Wesley Urban Ministries
Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada Sponsors of the World Day of Prayer
World Vision
Wycliffe Bible Translators

New additions to our link lists are marked with a symbol that will remain in place for about 30 days. This will both assist regular users to spot new entries quickly and also allow those maintaining the site to see at a glance how much new material is being provided for users.

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