Health and First Aid

If you are consulting this site because you or someone with you is in the midst of a medical crises and you live in the Hamilton area then we urge you to call 911 immediately.

Health World - Emergency First Aid

Mayo Clinic - First Aid Guide

How to perform CPR

CPR Illustrated simple steps for performing CPR.

Basic Life Support and Emergency CPR An introduction with additional links.

Ontario Regional Poison Information Centre Call 1-800-268-9017 or 416-813-5900

Note! We cannot guarantee the accuracy or adequacy of the medical information provided on the sites we have included. However,we have tried to select sites maintained by individuals and organizations with reputable credentials.

General Health and Medical Sites
Public Health Agency of Canada A source of information on healthy living, disease and accident prevention.
Health Canada Online A general public information site maintained by Health Canada.
Totsafe.Com Information and products for childproofing your home.
Healthnet Canada Free health resources for the public and healthcare professional.
Medline Plus A database of info and links maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
Human Anatomy Online Interactive and educational views of the human body.

Organizations and Institutions Involved in Health Issues
Alzheimer Society of Canada
Canadian AIDS Society
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
Canadian Diabetes Association
Canadian Mental Health Association
Cancer Assistance Program (CAP) A Hamilton based support group for cancer patients.
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Kidney Foundation of Canada
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
Parkinson Society Canada

For and About People With Disabilities
Abilities Canada's lifestyle magazine for people with disabilities.
The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
Ontario March of Dimes
Microsoft Accessibility Guidelines for customizing computers for individuals with disabilities.

Sites For and About Seniors
Elderhostel (Road Scholar) Educational and travel programs for seniors.
Guide to Internet Resources Related to Aging The AARP guide to many useful links.

Medical and Dental Plan
If you are a member of the medical and dental plan of the Presbyterian Church in Canada information about Group Benefits is now available on line. The instructions from Sun Life Financial are as follows: "Visit and enter your Access ID and password. If you don't have an Access ID, simply register online at using your contract and certificate numbers."

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